i hate to say i told you so but..

Don't you just hate it when the thing that you refused would ever happen.. happens. I promised myself in getting back with my ex, that it was a incredible idea, that would also lead me to a lovely, long-term relationship. As per usual, this was a mistake. He did exactly what my friends predicted he would, and which, I - at the very depths of my brain - also predicted he would do - he just couldn't commit.
   And, fittingly with the routine of me and him, he decided he wanted out, and continued into what I call his own method of, 'Hot/Cold'. One day he wants me forever, the next he wants me never. On Tuesday, he decided to cool things off like he did this time 6 months ago, leaving me in a classic 'girl cries for a week' scene. Now it is Sunday, and he is texting me loving messages, and announcing on Facebook that 'I'm his baby'.
   What's a girl to do?

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