girl power

Girls are making real movements on the music scene lately. My favourites are Teyana Taylor (protege of Pharrell Williams), Kid Sister (signed to Kanye Wests label), MIA & Santogold! Download their songs now or visit their myspaces. Girls are really doing it for themselves!

my dad

Today, I had a blazing row with my Dad.
I've decided to go to the London College of Fashion to study Fashion Journalism (if I get in), so he decided to give me a massive lecture on how its a stupid idea, how I won't get anywhere and how I need to be more open-minded and consider my options. He went on to tell me how its not even up to me to decide, because he's my father, and he has ultimate say over what I do.
Excuse the outburst but, FUCK OFF DAD.
No-one can tell me not to follow my dreams, especially not him. My father dropped out of school and did nothing, and now he's in a dead-end job going nowhere. Don't get me wrong, he's happy, but 'happy' isn't the future I want. I want 'amazing'. I want 'fabulous'. I want my dream, and whether he wants me to or not, I will go to LCF and I will become a Fashion Journalist, because it's what I want for me.
Sometimes I really hate him, and today is up there on the scale, right at the top.



Fafi is THE best street artist going.. I know everyone gives love to Banksy and Os gemeos and people like that, but now it's the girls turn. Fafi creates fun, lively images that you just can't help but love. Fafi is going places everybody! WATCH THIS SPACE!

good girl gone bad?

I was just listening to my iPod on shuffle, and one of the worst songs in the history of music making appeared on the screen, 'Rihanna - Good Girl Gone Bad'. I'm confused why it's even on my pod to be honest. But, anyway, I sat through and listened to it, and paid close attention to what I assumed would be cheesy, cliche filled, crass lyrics. However, they weren't. Well that's a lie. They were. But they had some strange meaning that I seemed to be able to relate to. Here's the chorus:

"Easy for a good girl to go bad
And once we gone
Best believe we've gone forever
Don't be the reason
Don't be the reason
You better learn how to treat us right
'Cause once a good girl goes bad
We gone forever"

Now, yes, I know, they are terrible lyrics. But, for once, they do have some message. I'd never relised until today, until right now, that I have fallen victim and become a 'good girl gone bad'. It's true.
I used to be - before the start of my first real relationship - a nice girl, with morals, who loved being at home and with friends doing 'nice' things. But, since that boy decided to dump me - breaking my heart, and leaving me crying for weeks on end - i've flipped. And it took Rihanna for me to notice this! I've slept with 3 boys since my downfall (which happened a year ago at the mere age of 16), flitted amongst numerous males at parties, and dated various men along the way also. I swear alot. I drink alot. I waste money ALOT. I go to parties, get a bit tipsy, fall on some boy and take him upstairs. I am a good girl, gone bad, and i've only just realized.
   When someone hurts you so bad, you fight for any little glimpse of a bit of comfort from anyone, and that's what I did. I searched endlessly for any tiny bit of love I could grab, be it simple flirting, a cheeky snog, or full on sex. I threw away my virginity, foolishly, to the first boy that came along, and from then on, saw sex as a simple act of comfort, not love.
And now, when relationships come along, I chuck myself at the male, and let them in too soon. I end up getting upset when a simple month-long fling doesn't turn out right, and I add another notch to my bedpost along the way.
I hadn't realized how stupid this was until I listened to Rihanna's little tune. The very first boy, the only boy, that i've ever loved, seems to have destroyed me, from what was once a nice young girl, to a dirty, almost sex-hungry, emotional woman. And I am definitely not a woman yet; 17 years is certainly not enough to class myself as grown.
   So, thanks to Rihanna, yes let's bow down to her! I am going to reform. 'Once a good girl goes bad, we gone forever' .. No way.. I'm out of this lifestyle, and i'm going back to my good girl roots. No sex before marriage! .. Well maybe not that far.


and although my pride
ain't easy to disturb
you sent me flying
when you kicked me to the curb
with your battered jeans
and your beastie tee
now i can't work like this
with you next to me

welcome to beastie tee..