sex and the city

Why does the amount of people a woman has slept with demand such a judgement? After watching mounds of Sex and the City in the past week, I've watched the girls flit from man to man in every episode, and I find now that I'm asking myself, why is it a problem?
   I understand it's all fiction, but in theory it plays on reality well. What does it matter the notches on ones bedpost? If you're happy that's all that matters right?
   Why does it make for normality when a man can no longer count his partners on his fingers and toes, but when a woman reaches the same level, its frowned upon?
   So, I am taking a new outlook on my sex life. If Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte take no care for their statistics and figures, then neither will I, and if that's what it takes to find my Mr Big, then so be it.


i hate to say i told you so but..

Don't you just hate it when the thing that you refused would ever happen.. happens. I promised myself in getting back with my ex, that it was a incredible idea, that would also lead me to a lovely, long-term relationship. As per usual, this was a mistake. He did exactly what my friends predicted he would, and which, I - at the very depths of my brain - also predicted he would do - he just couldn't commit.
   And, fittingly with the routine of me and him, he decided he wanted out, and continued into what I call his own method of, 'Hot/Cold'. One day he wants me forever, the next he wants me never. On Tuesday, he decided to cool things off like he did this time 6 months ago, leaving me in a classic 'girl cries for a week' scene. Now it is Sunday, and he is texting me loving messages, and announcing on Facebook that 'I'm his baby'.
   What's a girl to do?


posh spice does georgio armani

I've always been a Posh fan, and this just re-enforces why everyone should love her; she looks amazing.


Today, I fucked up. The boy was supposed to meet me, and left me waiting for an hour, only to cancel me. I went mad. Problem is, I am mad. About him. And now he's going to be annoyed with my stupid outburst, and probably think I got too into it, therefore, too into him. Being too into him, will be too much for him, so he'll no doubt cool things off. Very bad times.

lauryn hill - ex factor